Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for the calendar:


March 25  8:30am Mass in Chapel, Confessions 3:30-4:30pm; 7:00-8:00pm

March 26  8:30am Mass in Chapel, Chrism Mass at Cathedral 7pm; Confessions 1:00-2:00pm

March 27  8:30am Mass in Chapel;  Confessions 7:00-8:00pm, Contemporary Choir 7pm

March 28  HOLY THURSDAY: Mass of the Lord's Supper, 8pm, Eucharistic Adoration in the Parish Hall until Midnight

March 29  GOOD FRIDAY:  Midday Prayer, Noon; Veneration of the Cross, 3:00pm

March 30  HOLY SATURDAY:  Morning Prayer, 9:00am;  Easter Vigil 9:00pm

March 31  EASTER SUNDAY:  Mass in the Church 7:30am, 9:30am and 11:30am

April 2024

April 1  Parish Office Closed

April 2  Boy Scouts 7-9pm

April 3  RCIA 6-7:15pm, Contemporary Choir Practice 7pm

April 4  Avilas 9am in the Chapel

April 5  First Friday Communion Visits

April 7  Donut Sunday,  Divine Mercy Sunday

April 8  Holy Name Society Meeting 7:15 PHMR

April 9  Worship Commission 6:30pm, Boy Scouts 7-9pm

April 10  RCIA  6-7:15pm

April 13  Transitional Deacon Ordination 10am, Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

April 13/14  Olivewood Gifts from the Holy Land

April 14  Confirmation Session 10:30am-2:00pm

April 15  PSR  6-7:15pm, Festival Committee Meeting 6:30pm CMR

April 16  Boy Scouts 7-9pm

April 17 RCIA 6-7:15pm, 8th Grade Confirmation Prep  6:30pm

April 21  Red Cross Blood Drive  8am-2pm

April 22  PSR 6-7:15pm

April 23  Boy Scouts 7-9pm

April 24  RCIA 6-7:15pm

April 27/28  Catholic Home Missions Collection

April 29  PSR End of Year Mass 6pm

April 30 Boy Scouts 7-9pm

May 2024

May 1  RCIA Potluck Dinner 6pm, Contemporary Choir Practice 7pm

May 2  Avilas 9am

May 3  First Friday Communion Calls

May 4  Permanent Diaconate Ordination 10am,  Jesus Day for First Communicants 9-11:30am

May 5  Donut Sunday, Cathedral Tour w Confirmation Class 12:15pm

May 6  Holy Name Meeting 7:15pm

May 7  Deacon Jubilee Mass 7pm, First Communion Practice 6pm, Boy Scouts 7-9pm

May 8  8th Grade Confirmation Prep 6:30pm

May 11 First Communion Mass 10am

May 11/12  Newman Campus Collection

May 14  Worship Commission 6:30pm, Boy Scouts 7-9pm

May 15 Contemporary Choir Practice, 7pm

May 18  Priesthood Ordination 10am

May 19  Red Cross Blood Drive 8am-2pm

May 20 Festival Committee Meeting 6:30pm

May 21  Priest Jubilee Mass 11:00am, Boy Scouts 7-9pm

May 27 9:00am Mass and Social for Memorial Day, Parish Office and Church Closed for the day

May 28  Boy Scouts 7-9pm

May 29 Contemporary Choir Practice, 7pm

June 2024

June 1  Feast of St. Justin Martyr, Festival Volunteer Sign Ups in gallery

June 2  Donut Sunday, Festival Volunteer Sign ups in gallery, Confirmation Session 10:30am

June 3 Holy Name Meeting 7:15pm

June 5  Contemporary Choir Practice 7pm

June 6  Avilas 9am, Baptism Class 7pm

June 7  First Friday

June 8/9  50th Anniversary of Ordination and Retirement for Fr. Kevin Liebhardt

June 10-16  Collect Items for Garage Sale

June 19  Early Bird Night for Garage Sale, 6:30-8pm, $5

June 20-22  Annual Indoor Garage Sale, 9am-6pm

June 23  Annual Indoor Garage Sale 12-1pm Fill A Bag

June 29/30  Peter's Pence Collection

June 30  Red Cross Blood Drive 8am-2pm


Each Saturday:  Mass 5:00pm

Each Sunday:  Mass 8:00am and 10:30am

Daily Mass: 8:30am