Upcoming Events

 Upcoming Events for the calendar:

December 2023

December 8 Immaculate Conception, Holy Day of Obligation, Masses 10am, 5pm and 7pm

December 8  All Advent Giving Tree Gifts due!

December 9-10  Collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious

December 10  Bishop Edward Malesic joins us for 10:30am Mass, Reception following in Gallery, Confirmation 10:30am-2pm

December 11  PSR 6-7:15pm,  Helping Hands Core Team sorts Giving Tree Gifts 3pm

December 12  Advent Evening of Confession with St. Mary Magdalene at SJM, 6-8pm; Boy Scouts 7-9pm

December 13  Christmas Card Writing and Luncheon, Gym, 11am, RCIA, Contemporary Musicians Practice 7:30pm Church

December 14  Just in Fun Bus Trip "Straight No Chaser", Worship Commission, 6:30pm

December 16-17  Bambinelli Blessing at all Masses, Christmas Food & Gift Distribution Pick up 12-1pm

December 18  PSR 6-7:15pm

December 19  Confessions in Chapel 3-4pm

December 20 RCIA, Contemporary Musicians Practice 7:30pm Church

December 21  Confessions in Chapel 7-8pm

December 22  Confessions in Chapel 3-4pm and 7-8pm

December 23  Confession in Chapel 3:30-4:30pm

December 24  Christmas Vigil Masses 4:00pm in the Church and the Parish Hall, 9:00pm in Church

December 25  Christmas Day Masses 8:00am and 10:30am,  Church and Parish Office closed

January 1  10:00am Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, Parish Office and Church Closed for New Years Day

January 3  RCIA 6pm

January 4  Avilas, 9am Chapel,

January 5  First Friday Communion Calls

January 6  CLE 2:16 Youth Conference at John Carroll University

January 7  Frostbite Pancake Breakfast 8am-Noon, GYM

January 8  Holy Name 7:15pm, PSR 6-7:15pm, Men's Basketball 9pm

January 9  Worship Commission 6:30pm, Boy Scouts 7-9pm

January 10  Winter Bible Study on Mark 7pm, ATR

January 14  Presentation:  Andrew Trew:  Medical Treatment and End of Life Concerns 12pm-3pm

January 15  Church and Parish Office Closed for MLK Day;  Daily Mass 8:30am

January 16  Boy Scouts 7-9pm

January 17  RCIA 6pm

January 18  Winter Bible Study on Mark 7pm, ATR

January 20  Confirmation Retreat  9am-9pm

January 21  Confirmation Service Day 1-3pm

January 22  PSR 6-7:15pm, Men's Basketball 9pm

January 23  Stewardship Committee, 6:30pm, CMR;  Boy Scouts 7-9pm, PHMR

January 24  RCIA 6pm

January 25  Winter Bible Study on Mark 7pm, ATR

January 27-28 Latin American & El Salvador Mission Collection

January 28  Red Cross Blood, 8am-2pm

January 29  PSR 6-7:15pm; Men's Basketball 9pm

January 30  Boy Scouts 7-9pm

January 31  RCIA 6pm


Each Saturday:  Mass 5:00pm

Each Sunday:  Mass 8:00am and 10:30am

Daily Mass: 8:30am